Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recipe: Best Nut Protein Bars Ever!

Recipe: Best Nut Protein Bars Ever!
I've been making these the past couple of weeks and they are so good... I even have cut the oats for less carbs or use gluten-free oats. Give them a try...get recipe

Food for thought: What is proper holiday cocktail fare for 2012?

I went to a cocktail party the other night and was intersted to see what everyone thought was proper holiday cocktail party fare...here in 2012.
I brought proscuitto-wrapped breadsticks (that I baked from frozen dough) plus some skewers of cherry tomatoes, mozzerella and basil. Simple, easy finger-food. Nothing outstanding but good (the plates were empty at the end of the night!).
Others brought:
Deviled eggs--yes, really (no one ate them)
Cream cheese pinwheels, again, I'm not kidding. Tons left at end of party.
Pink frosted lemon cupcakes (for a Christmas party?) She took most of them home.
Homemade pork dumplings (yum) Many left, but they were good.
Cheese and cracker (Townhouse, if I'm not mistaken) Picked over.
Baked brie (timeless) Gone.
Cheesecake (people love cheesecake!)
Just saying.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas en Italia: A truly simple hors d'oeurve recipe

This is one so pretty and easy!

Get some skewers (I got some bamboo ones from Target for under $2). Thread on a small fresh mozzerella ball (they sell them at most groceries) and then a cherry tomato and then another mozz ball.

Mix some pesto with good quality olive oil (about 2 tbsp. pesto in 1/4 cup of oil). Drizzle over your mozzerella and tomato skewers, then scatter some chopped basil on top.

Voila! A red, white and green hors d'oeurve...perfect for holiday cocktail parties!


Super Simple Hors D'oeurves

This is so easy and delish!

Get some long breadsticks (Stella D'oro is fine). Wrap each with some prosciutto and sprinkle with shredded parmesan (not grated, shredded). Then pop into a 325 degree oven for about 10 minutes.


Happy holidays!