Friday, June 22, 2012

One of the highest chef incomes (and where first phone call was made)

This city has one of the highest chef incomes in the nation and also has the distinct honor of being the city where the first phone call was made...Boston. Not too surprising, but interesting!

Super Easy Fruit Sorbet

I love this recipe because it's really not a recipe, just an action or two. It's especially good in the summer when there are so many abundant fruits, but I make it in the winter with frozen fruits (dark cherries are my fave). Also, I don't like how sweet the prepared sorbets can be and this is just as sweet as I like it.

How to make:

Just take 2 cups of frozen or fresh fruit and put in a blender. Add 1/4 cup of juice (pineapple, pomegranate or oj work great) and blend until smooth. If you used frozen fruit, you're done! Enjoy.

If you used fresh, put in the freezer to 2 hours and then reblend and enjoy.

You can add a little agave syrup or sugar if you like it sweeter before you blend.

Great combos:

Frozen cherries and pineapple juice
Frozen peaches and cherry juice
Frozen blueberries and pomegranate juice
Frozen bananas and orange juice
Frozen raspberries and peach nectar
Frozen strawberries and oj

*You can pre-freeze fresh fruits and use them to make smoothies, too.


What city buys the most sunglasses in USA (you would never guess)

I love this fact as a former Northwestern resident who now lives in the sunny SW. I would never guess it because I know what the weather, but it's...SEATTLE! Who knew?

This city is ranked number 6 for culinary careers in the US and I would agree. The entire NW is full of delicious food!

What is the BEST city for culinary jobs in US?

According to to, the best city ranked for culinary careers in currently Denver. Interesting!

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